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Efharis Nezi

Efharis Nezi grows up in an environment full of sensitivity and love for art. Of Asia Minor descent from her mother’s side, she is encouraged from a young age to express her subversively creative tendencies.

A pupil of the American College for Girls she absorbs multiple stimuli and cultivates her artistic nature. Special constructions and paintings are merely the starting point. She takes dynamic action on any ordinary object and transforms it. Every urge of life she modifies into a challenge, and it becomes a source of inspiration.

She studies finance and marketing while in parallel she works for multinational financial houses. With hard work and dedication she completes the milestone of twenty years career as an executive. The strict dress code, the meetings, her office… she feels that the moment has come to leave it all behind.

Moreover, in 2006 she has already opened the “LITTLE CAVE OF MIRACLES”, as is coined her
Efharis concept boutique in Mykonos by Mrs Bistika in an article of the same year in Kathimerini newspaper. In this boutique Eucharis Nezi houses only her personal creations and the fulfillment she feels diminishes the uncertain step she thinks she is making!!

The wish expressed by her schoolmates in 1987 in their high school yearbook, TREASURE, comes true, as in 2009 she takes the final decision and quits her career in a multinational financial colossus. She says goodbye to her loving professional family and with the memorable good times from there, she uses her signature transforming it into a LOGO for her brand.

So the Εύχαρις Efharis, Eucharis, Evcharis, as well as the designer’s signature is established as a trade mark of Efharis Nezi creations.

Efharis work is characterized by the imaginative combination of materials, the rejuvenating juggling of color, and the fusion of traditional materials with new techniques.
She balances a successful merging of art and fashion and is established among international brands.