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  13. For any diversity that may occur between the Creator and any user, the attempt for an out of court settlement is obligatory.


  • The Creator Efharis Nezi (the Creator) retains natural retail store in Mykonos (St. Anargyroi 23, Little Venice, ZIP 84600, tel 22890-23343, 6936416039) and offers its products through its website in the direction
  • The products are always unique and original handmade creations - artefacts, offered in the official packages and stored in a suitable place to sell. Our products are environmentally friendly and suitable for recycling.
  • For special orders (bespoke service) of handmade creations (to accept the order from the Creator and to begin the craft), you would have to advance at least half the costs within five days from receipt of order and payment to be made before dispatch. In any case required the prearrangement of the terms and conditions of construction, payment and shipping.
  • All creations, being handmade, they may show small variations (in color, size, shape, etc.). The creations “unique line”, if requested and if there are available materials, can be repeated, but there will be changes.
  • All material on the website (images, text, trademarks, designs, etc.) and the goods with the packaging are the intellectual property of the Creator.
  • All prices are in Euro and include VAT.
  • Unique Languages spoken out Greek and English.
  • These conditions prepared in accordance with Greek and European law, seeking for an environment of mutual trust. For any dispute that may arise, responsible are the Courts of Athens.


  • For each order, can you consult either through our website (by selecting the products that interest you and complete the application request) or phone.
  • If materials are not available or require special custom design, delivery time will be given upon request. All our creations are sent in secure and protective packaging gift.
  • Shipments of products made in collaboration with the courier company (ACS - GENERAL POSTAL) and HELLENIC POST OFFICE and parcels can be delivered anywhere, except in the case of remote or inaccessible areas, for which there is a small fee, after consultation. Exceptionally, and always taking the best customer service, delivery of goods can be done by our staff.


  • For the available payment methods, depending on product type and specific conditions of construction, the prior contact us.


  • The merchandise is made directly, except for special cases and special orders (bespoke service). Therefore, the time of cancellation of your order, necessarily, limited to 12 hours of instruction from our website. The cancellation can only be done by e-mail via the contact form on our website (, after a telephone consultation and communication with the Creator. Apart from the above time limit, if in the meantime the order is executed, you will be charged a minimum delivery charge and refund the order. The special orders (bespoke service) cannot be cancelled unless the author has not yet begun construction of the project, so requires prearrangement and written acceptance of cancellation by the Creator through e-mail. In no other case the order cannot be cancelled.


  • The merchandise is made directly, except for special cases and special orders (bespoke service). Therefore, the time change of your order, necessarily, limited to 12 hours of instruction from our website. The change may be made only by cancellation (as applicable and in the previous case) and create a new order. Apart from the above time limit, if in the meantime the order is executed, you will be charged a minimum delivery charge and return the order. The special orders (bespoke service) cannot be modified or amended, unless the creator has not yet begun construction of the project so requires prearrangement and written acceptance of cancellation by the Creator through e-mail. In no other case the order can not be changed.


  • Special orders (bespoke service) cannot be refund under any circumstances (so, no return or withdrawal is possible).
  • Our associates receive continuous care to form a precise idea about the products we offer through our website before deciding to purchase. However, you reserve the right to return products purchased from us within 14 days of receipt of your order, without explanation, but the products are to be EXACTLY in the situation handed to you, i.e. without being unsealed or violated, together with the originals documents.
  • The refund application may be made only by e-mail via the contact form on our website. It must be preceded by telephone to settling the procedure. In this case, you will incur a minimum delivery charge and return the assigned order. The remaining money will be refunded within 30 days to your bank account, which you indicate in your e-mail request for reimbursement. Upon receipt, if the products are not in their original condition, we will not accept the return, the products will be returned and you will incur the costs of returning.


  • The Creator always maintains an adequate supply of materials for the creation of artefacts that are offered through the Site, except in particular cases. We reserve the right to delivery times and product availability due to force majeure (e.g. strikes, lack of materials, incomplete or late deliveries, etc.). But any such exceptional cases of unavailability, we will inform you immediately and in detail about the problem and we will suggest any possible solutions. The Creator has no responsibility for the integrity of the artwork after its delivery to the courier company.


  • The maintenance or repair of products we offer can be performed only by us . In addition we have, for a reasonable time, full stock of all necessary parts for maintenance or repair of products we offer, unless the material lacks


  • Comments or complaints, you make us better. Please contact us for any questions arose during our collaboration, sending e-mail that includes a summary of the problem, proposals for solutions and ways to contact you. We affirm that we will get as soon as available and in good faith only to be served well.


  • Your personal data is absolutely safe. Confidentiality is obvious and you will be requested only the information necessary to complete the transaction. In no case we dispose your personal data to third parties.