Efharis Nezi Visions


Εύχαρις™ Efharis Eucharis Evcharis

Her creative Philosophy is a different approach to art which showcases a range of jewellery, leather sandals, accessories, clothes, good luck charms. Each creation is exclusive and one-off designed and handcrafted with the personal touch of Eucharis Nezi. Her love for effortlessly luxurious daily items and the individuality she offers with her personal attention is a motive for establishing the brand, Efharis TM.

The creative philosophy of the Efharis collection is:

The harmonious coexistence of art and fashion
The quality and authenticity of the handcrafted collections
The distinction due to the emphasis on detail
The luxury offered by the exclusiveness of the designs in combination with the exquisite quality of the materials
The respect of every personality and not imitation

The creative vision of Efharis Nezi faces immediately recognition and realize great success among VIP and high standards customers. The handcrafted one of a kind collections Εύχαρις Efharis become all the rage, as each piece stands out and the customer feels that their personal style and their personality are highlighted and respected.

This year the unique collection is enriched by the Εύχαρις Efharis limited edition collection. This one proposes the exact same creative vision encompassed in the Εύχαρις Efharis unique collection and can be seen and purchased at the e-shop Efharis in a limited number of recreations. In the concept boutique Efharis you will find as always the unique collection Εύχαριs Efharis.